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Say hello to the smartest, most advanced sales and leasing assistant you’ll ever meet.

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A Revolutionary Technology Platform for Buying, Selling and Leasing Real Estate

Not long ago we were still limited by in-person shopping experiences because we didn’t have the technology to do it online. But the way we buy books, shoes, cars, even mattresses has changed. And now it’s time for real estate to change, too.

At Infinityy, we believe there’s a better way to buy, sell and lease properties. So, we set out to build a tool that makes all of this possible.

Now introducing Infinityy AI, the smartest, most advanced sales and leasing assistant that enables real estate anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


Featuring a fully integrated, AI-powered smart assistant that connects people, leads tours and answers questions — all while gaining valuable insights to identify prospects and qualify leads that help you close deals faster.

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Offering a full suite of features that combines the best of a 3D virtual tour, sales pipeline builder, video conferencing software, business intelligence solution and real estate brokerage into one online, collaborative and interactive platform.


The freedom and control for visitors to explore a property and interact with the features on their own time and at their own pace in their own Infinityy Room.

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On Demand

Online capabilities that allow you to connect with your prospects day or night to meet them wherever they are in the world — and in the decision-making process.

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